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Science Robot: “Math Mind” is a robotic vehicle simulator based on the most advanced theories. You can invoke and watch 25 novel, elegant vehicle motions simply by clicking the mouse. [Motion Precision] This app introduces you to an unexplored world of geometrical vehicle motions. Based on our mathematical theories, the precision and beauty of motions surpass the driving performance of human beings. [Driving Math Mind] Using mouse-clicking, you can also “drive” the Math Mind vehicle as you wish. Math Mind quantitatively evaluates your driving skills. [Inspiring Children] This app may be a perfect birthday present for a K-12 child if he or she is an eager learner and knows how to click a mouse. The recipient will be inspired by the robot motion's precision and beauty, while intuitively understanding geometrical, robotic, physical, and programming concepts. [Atomic Motions and Vehicle Motion Composition] MotionLab discovered that all vehicle motions can be composed using only five Atomic Motion families (K-Hypothesis). This Math Mind simulator presents typical examples of those Atomic Motions. Seeing is believing! Based on the hypothesis, we can systematically and deductively compose an unlimited number of vehicle motions. [Printing] You can output any motion trajectory in PDF for printing. [Lecture Notes] We overviewed the MotionLab’s Vehicle Motion Composition Technology in a compact format of “Lecture Notes” for students and researchers in robotics, computer science, and AI.