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* Post sticky notes with pictures, text memos, time-events on a multi-page virtual bulletin board * Almost every household has a refrigerator where family members post their drawings, pictures and sticky notes with phone numbers. Is it too much to ask for an application that just does that on a desktop computer? Scrapboard is a desktop application whose window looks just like a bulletin board. It's a virtual bulletin board where you can post pictures, text notes, schedule notes with events and dates. You can freely grab and then move a post anywhere around this resizable personal information board. How do you create a picture post? All you have to do is drag and drop a picture right onto the scrap board. Can you handle that? Create a post by specifying the date of an event. Let Scrapboard monitor your events so that you will be reminded of events that are soon to arrive. Create a backup data file easily and share your data across different computers. - Features - 1. Make sticky posts over a multi-page scrap board. Move a post freely with your mouse around the board. 2. Drag and drop a picture right onto the scrap board to create a picture post. 3. Drag and drop a selection of rich text onto a text box to create a text post. 4. Create a schedule post with an event taking place on a specific date. 5. Be reminded of events to take place soon. 6. Double-click to move a post to a different page. 7. Create a backup data file. Recover data from a backup data file. Share data computers computers, using a backup data file. 8. Choose one of six pin colors to make one post a little different from others. 9. Simply, press Command + right arrow or left arrow to turn pages. Or press Command + up arrow to jump back to the top page. 10.Hide navigation buttons. Hide the board size label. 11.Choose one of seven board background patterns. (v. 1.2.0.) 12.Choose one of five frames (v. 1.2.0). 13.English is the default language for calendar months. Other supported languages are Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian. The user has an option of showing the day of the month followed by the calendar month or the other way around. 14.The application supports the fullscreen mode (with v. 1.2.2). 15.The application supports the retina screen. (tested with 2014 2.6 GHz 13" MacBook Pro) 16.Languages: English and Japanese only. 17.Application file size: 705.8 MB (Version 1.2.2). 18.The application comes with a complete user's guide written in English. (Choose Help > User's Guide.) 19.The application comes with a 10-page introduction window, giving the user a quick tour over how it works. - System requirements - 1. 10.8 (untested), 10.9 (tested with 10.9.5), 10.10 (tested with 10.10.2) 2. 64-bit system - Limitations - 1. The application window does not support the fullscreen mode. 2. The minimum window size is 640 x 480 points. 3. This application does not allow the user to create styled text by select a font, text color & size. If necessary, use a text editor including TextEdit to write up rich text. Then drag and drop a selection of styled text onto Scrapboard's text box.