Screen Capture

OS X 10.7
Promo On 2013.4.1---2013.4.5 ------------------------------------- If you have any suggestion ,tell me( ,I will add your suggestion to update version. let us do it better. ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ ➠➠ Screen Capture is a software toolkit that lets you easily capture your screen actions and workflow on your Mac and record as a movie. The Screen Capture allows you to select a specific region of your screen to be recorded in the recorded area you like. The Screen Capture is the perfect tool to demo your Software, including your iPhone App (using an iPhone simulator), games, and desktop applications. The Screen Capture provides all the elements needed to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software applications. The Screen Capture can capture game screens, iPhone simulators, PPTs, image slideshows, and anything else that appears on a monitor. After a recording is complete, the Screen Capture makes it easy to share with your friends, clients, and colleagues. To enjoy all these great features just requires you to take one step: download it! If you want to get record only audio and record isight camera ,you can download Screen Captures Pro version