Screen Curtain

OS X 10.9
This small and non-intrusive application helps you "hide" all your icons from the desktop instantly — and, of course, you can have them back at any time! Screen Curtain is highly customizable for various needs and supports multiple screens and Spaces. It's extremely helpful when you need to make screenshots, demonstrate a presentation or prepare for screen sharing, and may be of good use for plenty of other tasks. Use this utility whenever you need a clear screen to: - Make screenshots on a previously prepared background That's extremely helpful in software engineering, writing app reviews, creating all kinds of tutorials and documentation, preparing a portfolio, requesting tech support, illustrating your articles or blog posts, sharing your hacks and tweaks, or just presenting anything that may be of use to others! - Run a presentation or prepare for screen sharing When demonstrated to others, a neat-looking and prepared screen will facilitate interaction and understanding, convey your respect for others, as well as show that you do care about what you are doing. - Concentrate on one task and reduce distraction With this little tool, you'll be able to better concentrate on a task, without the multitude of background icons standing in the way. This may contribute much to your productivity. - Have your desktop intact No need to make changes to your regular desktop in case of some short-term tasks: you can quickly prepare a new clear desktop instead, while all your icons and files remain in place, and you can "remove the curtain" to have them back when needed.