Screen Tint – Control Screen Brightness & Color

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Screen Tint is a handy utility app that is designed to reduce the brightness of your Mac’s screen, proving particularly useful for users with sensitive eyes and for those that wish to use their Mac in a darker environment, but find that their screen’s brightness to be too harsh. We recommend to use a warm tint when working at night and a cool tint for working in artificial light. KEY FEATURES: • Choose between 7 primary tint colors, with the ability to also configure any tint colour of your choice using the colour palette • Ability to toggle the intensity of the tint colour using the ‘color intensity’ slider • Enable the app to run between a specified time schedule automatically • Quickly be able to enable/disable the app from the menubar itself • Tint not only your Mac’s screen as the main display, but also attached external displays BENEFITS: • Perfect for users wanting to use their Mac’s in the night/dark environments • Useful for users that have sensitive eyes and find the regular brightness levels of Macs to be too high • Give your screen a unique colored tint that’s both good for your eyes, as well as visually appealing