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Draw over the entire screen. Quick and useful way to demonstrate something on your screen by drawing. It helps to concentrate attention on significant points. - Use ScreenBrush like a laser pointer. - Use ScreenBrush Remote as a "clicker" for Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to change slides. - Using Touch & Pen Pressure option in preferences Brush Tool will use size depending on pressure when your device support variable pressure. - You can take a quick tour to explore the app more effectively and quickly. Features: • Drawing over screen windows • Change slides of presentations • Paint over a fullscreen app • Simple and useful toolbar • Click through canvas by holding Fn key • Clear Screen with drawing with Delete key • Move drawing by holding Cmd key • Repeat last drawing • Color Wheel to adjust color of a tool • Shortcuts assignable • Statusbar app • Quick Tour • Multiple screens support • Support for the Touch Bar • Retina display support • ScreenBrush Remote for iOS ScreenBrush Plus: • Arrow • Rectangle • Ellipse • Line • Freeze Drawing • Undo and redo