ScreenRecord Studio

OS X 10.6.6
Easily capture on-screen action or import video clips, images & sounds to create clear and powerful presentations. Engage viewers with customized text & video transition effects the pros use, and easily add voiceovers to personalize your results as you maintain total control over all audio mixing and editing steps. Screen Capture: • Capture & record on-screen actions • Highlight key points using a fixed, smooth, auto panning, or scrolling camera • Change cameras live during capture • Record voice-overs or add your own music • Add transitions for a smooth presentational flow Movie Editing: • Trim, split, and crop your clips • Unlimited video and media layers • Add chapter markers • Edit movies in HD, SD, or any size • Non-destructive editing • Multiple levels of undo • Color & lighting control • Add text, captions & credit effects • Add existing video clips or image files • Paint directly over your movie • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) • Capture from a DV camera or a webcam • Live previews and background rendering • Powerful yet easy-to-use timeline • Resize and position clip display region • Comes with standard effects, filters and transitions • Video composition: chroma keying, matte, hard light, etc. • Export to iDVD, QuickTime, DV, MPEG-4 and to the web