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Screenshoter is a powerful screen capture app. It can screenshot and support edit it. App entrance is in the menu bar at the top right of the screen. Select Area • Auto-identify windows, menus etc • Magnifying glass help you accurate select area • Magnifying glass will show the color of the mouse location • It will show the select area info, include location, width, height etc. You can use it as a ruler • You can adjust the area after selected • You can cancel select by Press ‘esc’ ScreenShot • You can save image as png, jpg, bmp, tiff etc ScreenShot Image Edit • Support draw text, mosaics, blur(Gaussian blur), rectangle, circle, arrow etc • Support change the graph color, adjust the graph size, adjust the graph line width etc • Support opacity • Support undo and redo Start Login • You can select start login or not Shortcuts • You can capture or screenshot by shortcuts at any time and any where, you don’t need to switch to the app Support Multiple Screens Support Retina