Scribe – Intuitive Outliner

OS X 10.10
Scribe is the most intuitive outliner on the Mac. Scribe is light-weight and simple. It has a clean, uncluttered interface. It gets out of your way, letting you get your ideas down faster. You can also record audio while outlining. Jump to any point in the audio from any point in the text or visa versa. It's great for making sure you don't miss anything. We think it's beautiful and hope that you do, too. Features include: • Easy, intuitive keyboard shortcuts • Collapse/Expand text • Reorganize and reorder • Minimalist interface that gets out of your way • Simple style menu that makes sure your outline always looks beautiful. • Full screen support • Autosave support • Versions support • Audio recording • Outline text synced to audio • OPML support • Multiple outline symbol formats It's as easy as 1, B, iii.