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Write your own novel, stage play, TV show or Hollywood blockbuster with Script It! which was created by a produced screenwriter to plan your story, organize your ideas and format your screenplay. Although designed for the formats of stage and screen it's adaptable to any kind of creative writing - from novels and essays to pitches and presentations. Script It! lets you build your story step by step and is perfect for the first time writer since it includes a screenwriting glossary, character name generator and scene by scene breakdowns of Ghost, Spider-Man and Scream. -- Register App and get FREE Hollywood Deconstructed ebook worth $20 -- * Ebook contains 12 scene-by-scene breakdowns and analyses of successful Hollywood movies “Script It! helps you organize your thoughts and build your story and screenplay beat by beat, making the process of writing a script less daunting and more intuitive, especially for first-timers learning the craft.” -- Professor Richard Walter Chairman of the University of California, LA Screenwriting Program Key Features: * Fully integrated step-outlining and scene organization * Industry standard script formatting with auto-pagination and auto-complete * Script writing glossary with over 250 filmmaking terms and definitions * Character name generator categorized by origin, gender and meaning * Includes scene by scene story and analysis of Ghost, Spider-Man and Scream * Scratch Pad to manage script snippets, research, character notes and plot ideas * Keyboard shortcuts for quick editing * Auto-convert and auto-capitalization as you type * Import and auto-format from plain text and rich text files * Export to plain text, rich text, html, PDF and Movie Outline 3 * Live spell checking and thesaurus * Auto-backup and auto-save * Unlimited undo/redo * Multi-tabbed project panel views * Hollywood Script Express integration for script registration and submission * 100% cross-platform – easily exchange files between Mac and PC * International language support