Secret Delivery

OS X 10.7
Wish you could securely send sensitive information over email without knowing who will see it? Wish you could password protect an important document, or a private picture? Easily password protect any text, or file to be retrieved only by someone with the app and the corresponding password. Quickly encrypt, send, and decrypt messages and files! This app is a must have, it allows you to password protect emails, documents, pictures, movies, music, or any other kind of message or file you can think of. Simply write or drag your message into the app, or drag your file into the app, push the encrypt button, enter a password, and send your Secret Delivery! This app is perfect for everyone! Send Secret Delivery Today. Note: Secret Delivery uses AES Encryption, a standard encryption algorithm, commonly used by governments and businesses. Reminder: Recipients must have the application to decrypt any messages/files encrypted with Secret Delivery.