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Secretary is a very competent administrative assistant who takes note of all you type and click in your Mac for your further review. Secretary creates full HTML reports for every session where you can see all keys pressed and snapshots taken. -Records every key pressed. -Takes a screen snapshot every time a mouse click is detected -Secretary can start to record inmediatly when the app starts. -All sessions are recorded in HTML so You can inspect all sessions in your browser and see all keys pressed and snapshots taken. -Run silently showing only a small icon in the status bar. -Secretary can send an email to your address when a keystroke session is started. The Logger assumes a keystroke session is started when a key is pressed after 30 minutes of inactivity. -Buy one and run in multiple Macs. Run Secretary is quite simple. Whenever you wish to record all activity in your computer, start the application, configure the settings and start the recording session, Secretary will catch all activity in the log file, even after you suspend the Mac. IMPORTANT: You must switch on the access for assistive devices in you system preferences. Otherwise Secretary only captures screen snapshots but no keystrokes.