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Senbay Studio is an application for realtime decoding and visualizing of Senbay video. You can visualize various sensor data (acceleration, gryo-sensor, geolocation, and more) at the same time. [Features of Senbay Studio] 1. Realtime Visualisation: In the real time, Senbay Studio can decode and visualize sensors' data in the animated QR code of Senbay Video. The reader can visualize 15 types of sensors at the same time. 2. The Simplest UI: Only capturing a QR code on the Senbay video, you will get sensor data stream easily. In addition, Senbay Studio automatically detects a QR code on Senbay Video from your display. You just need to play the Senbay Video and turn on the app for visualizing the data. 3. Integrated with Apple Map You can see the location where you take the video with Apple standard beautiful map including map, satellite view and hybrid map. Also, the app supports location tracking for visualizing paths. If you turn on the function, the app visualizes the paths on the map. [How to use] By just scanning the QR code of the Senbay Video, Senbay Studio will automatically decode QR code. Then, it visualizes sensor data with the map. *Decoding and Visualizing speed depends on processing capability of the display which shows Senbay Video and your PC which is running Senbay Studio. [Visualizable Sensor Data] - Location (latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed) - Motion (accelerometer, gyro-sensor) - Device (brightness, date and time) - Environment (air-pressure, weather, wind-speed, temperature, humidity) - Body (Heart beat)