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Quickly view video clips recorded from your Tesla vehicle's dashcam or Sentry Mode. Simply insert your TeslaCam USB drive into your computer, open SentryCam, and select the TeslaCam folder to instantly view all of the clips. Features: - All 3 camera angles play in sync, with the front view on top and left/right views below - Easily scrub through clips, or select the specific timestamp you are looking for - Toggle between "Saved" and "Recent" clips - Clips are sorted by time of recording Please make sure your Tesla vehicle is capable of recording dashcam footage to a USB flash drive. *Always safely eject your USB drive from your vehicle and your computer to avoid corrupting its contents* SentryCam is not responsible for loss of data due to improper use of your flash drive. (SentryCam is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. Sentry Mode, TeslaCam, and all other Tesla product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc.)