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SG People 5 is an org chart builder for business managers and others who want to understand, manage, and track an organization of people and their reporting relationships. Simple Genius is already well known for great project management apps on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. And now the SG app platform is being applied to tools for managing the most important asset for achieving your organization's goals - your people. Anyone who has built and maintained an org chart over time knows that it is more difficult than it would appear, and that every detail counts. And let's face it, most org charts are seriously ugly and don't reflect the pride that should come from being part of the team. SG People 5 makes it easy to build and share beautiful org charts! The app separates Organizations, Positions, and People. You can start by importing people from your Contacts. Then create an organization, add positions to it, and assign people to the positions. Use drag-and-drop to restructure as needed. In no time you will have a beautiful org chart, and you can use the Position Formatting tools to give it a customized look or highlight open positions. The separation of Organizations, Positions, and People is important because it allows for multiple overlapping org charts, such as in a matrix-style organization. It also lets you experiment with alternate or next generation organizations by building a new org chart and plugging the people into the new positions, without altering the current org. You can also quickly build other overlapping "organizations" such as a temporary tiger team, or a team in charge of a charitable event. App Features: - Create clean, beautiful Org Charts - Organize your list of team members - Assign people to positions in one or more organizations - Build multiple overlapping organizations (e.g. matrix) - Express temporary teams (e.g. charity projects) as a separate organization - Experiment with reorganization of a team - Print and share org charts in PDF or data format - Email org charts directly from within the app - Quickly sync/backup your data to Dropbox or Please note: SG People 5 is not a "drawing tool" and supports layout of positions only in a traditional vertical tree structure, with a single reporting line from each position. If you feel that your organization can't be properly communicated without very specific placement of positions then you may want to choose a drawing app instead. ---------------- Simple Genius Apps Practical Project & People Management