Shady Mission

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A first-person survival horror game with a mission In a remote city a virus experiment has escaped and caused chaos and the city was cut off, explore the city and try to survive long enough to finish the mission … if you dare. Two agents have been sent in to collect government placed virus collectors and has not been heard from. Assigned to the Recovery Unit, team task is to find the missing agents and recover the virus samples so the scientists can do their work on neutralizing it. With a sigh, the team stepped inside a helicopter… You have two characters Alice & Ben, if you kill both it's game over. The game is open world no time frame, there are several save stations that allows you to continue another time or go back to menu and switch character. Controls: MOVE - WASD keys LOOK - mouse SPRINT - left shift JUMP - space LEFT mouse button - interact / fire C - crouch G - grenade Z - zoom F - flashlight V - pistol I - HUD M - message ESC - pause menu Supports PS4 controller (game & menu) Minimum requirements: Graphics - Intel HD5000/5300 5GB HDD, 4MB RAM