Shapeover Lite

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Shapeover is a unique tool for artists and designers, allowing creating artworks by means of filling (galvanization) of an image with shapes. Shapes can be performed by Compound Path objects, groups of objects and bitmap images. Different galvanization methods and additional settings make it possible to achieve awesome results. Features: • Import: PDF, AI, EPS and different kind of images • Image Sharing • Templates • Vector Field for drawing directions and various presets of fields • Snap to regular grid nodes • Luma Spacing - shape distribution depends on the brightness values of the source image. • Luma Size - shape size depends on the brightness values of the source image. • Color Eguality - galvanizes local color fields of the image only with shapes with colors equal to a certain field. • Shapes Collection + ability to add custom shapes into it • Galvanize with text objects • Replacing of scene with selected objects • Direct copy & paste from other graphical editors to import • QuickLook Plugin for previewing saved projects in Finder • Full screen mode