Shortcut Bar

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 4.99
Shortcut Bar is an incredibly handy app that connects you to the files, folders and apps that you need lightning fast access to. The app lives in your menubar and allows you to add in an unlimited number of shortcuts. Whenever you require access to these important files and folders, simply click on the menubar icon and select the item from the dropdown list. Features: Add as many files, folders and apps that you would like instant access to Sort files and folders into Groups with headings, making it easier to find the shortcut you’re looking for Folders and files are presented with their respective icon Choose whether clicking on a shortcut opens it in Finder or opens the item itself Choose whether the app starts at login or not Benefits: Ultra quick access to any file/folder/app that you desire No more shuffling through directories on Finder to locate exactly what you’re looking for and use regularly Save time and improve productivity