Shush – Microphone Manager

OS X 10.6.6
▶ Issues that will be fixed in the next update: • Doesn't run on 10.6 Snow Leopard anymore. • Mutes Boom 2. Workaround: Voice chat is awesome, but sooner or later you'll send something you wish others hadn't heard. Shush solves this problem by providing simple hotkey microphone management. With Shush you’ll no longer have to feel awkward about the things going on around you. Whether it’s a plane flying overhead, your kids screaming, that sneeze (or something worse) you feel coming on, or just you talking to yourself, Shush makes accidental transmitting a thing of the past. In push-to-talk mode, your microphone will be muted until you press and hold a chosen hotkey, unmuting your microphone and allowing your voice to flow freely. Release the hotkey and Shush will mute your microphone again. In push-to-silence mode (aka “cough button”), press and hold the hotkey to immediately mute your microphone so nobody hears anything you don’t want them to. Release the hotkey and Shush will unmute your microphone. Features: • Take control of when you are heard • Configure your own hotkey • Informative menu bar icon so you always know the status of your mic • Gorgeous retina graphics and fluid animations Hardware: Shush works with almost any* internal and external microphone or line-in, even USB and Bluetooth. Software: Shush works with any software that captures audio from the above hardware. This includes: • iChat/FaceTime • Google Chat/Talk • Skype • VoIP Softphones • GarageBand/Podcast Capture • and more… * For a list of known incompatible hardware visit