Similar Image Detector

OS X 10.7
***** Special Offer For A Limited Time!!! Normal price: $19.99. Get it to help you find the duplicate or similar photos and remove duplicate&superfluous ones to save more space!! ***** Do you have many duplicate or similar photos on your Mac and you don’t know how to eliminate them in batches? With Similar Image Detector, you can find all the duplicate or similar photos on your mac with great ease. Similar Image Detector is a simple and efficient utility for finding duplicate or similar photos on your external hard drives and local disks, in Apple Photos, iPhoto. And you could organize them with Trash, Move and Copy functions. Similar Image Detector is a duplicate and similar photos finder and remover for: • Photographers: Who take a series of photos of the same scene for getting the perfect shot. • Art Designer: Who edit photos with software like Photoshop, Pixelmator etc., and make backups just in case. • Photo collector: Who have photos scattered all over the system: external storage deice, SD card, hard drives and local disks, or in Apple Photos, iPhoto and so on. • Just clean your mac: You have a mess in your photo collection or just want to free disk space by removing junk photos. ==== KEY FEATURES ==== 2 Modes to Detect Duplicate & Similar Photos - Import one or more folders whose contents to be grouped by similarity - Add a photo to compare against the photos in chosen folders and find duplicate and similar ones from the folders 4 Comparing Settings to Exact Search Duplicate & Similar Photos - Select the comparing algorithm from 5 modes: Fingerprint, Histogram and more - Support to choose the group order ways: Random, Similarity, Title or Date - Customize the photos order by similarity or number - Reset the minimum photo pixels as need - Enable to scan by the matching levels 25 Image Format Supported - *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.icns, *.bmp, *.ico, *.psd - *.raw, *.tga, *.jp2, *.xbm, *.rw2, *.pef, *.arw, *.sr2, - *.orf, *.crw *.cr2, *.dng, *.nef, *.sgi, *.hdr, *.mrw Compare the Duplicate or Similar Photos in Details - Choose any group of similar photos to compare carefully - Support to compare any two similar photos in one group - It will automatically show you the similarity of two similar pictures with the sophisticated comparing algorithm Quickly Manage the Duplicate or Similar Photos - Remove the duplicates and helpless photos forever - Move some featured photos to the appointed folder - Copy some important photos for other use if you need Good User Experience - Easy to use with intuitive interface - Support to add simgle photo or photo folders by dragging and dropping - Detect and delete the duplicate or similar photos from any folders - Provide two view modes: common mode and comparing mode - Support to view the photos with zoom in and zoom out - No duplicate and similar photos missed out with accurate scanning algorithms - Now Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 supported! *** Find and mange duplicate or similar photos on your mac now, with the best Similar Image Detector! *** ==== FOLLOW US ==== Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Share us on Google+ at To get the latest giveaway and updates news.