Similar Photos Cleaner

OS X 10.8
Similar Photos Cleaner is a duplicate photo finder and duplicate photo cleaner tool for your Mac. With this tool, you can find all the similar and duplicate photos/selfies present on your Mac and remove them to recover space and organize your Photos library. Similar photos and selfies occupy large chunks of storage space on your Mac without you knowing about them. This not only consumes your valuable storage space but also clutters your library with unnecessary photos. Manually removing these duplicate photos from Mac becomes very time-consuming. Therefore, Similar Photos Cleaner lets you clean all such photos so as to organize your Photos library and reclaim lost space. What all you can do with Similar Photos Cleaner? Quickly scan all similar photos. Delete duplicate photos and selfies. Recover precious storage space. Organize your Photos library. Scan photos/folders with simple Drag & Drop option. Preview scanned photos before deleting. Auto-Mark photos so you don’t have to manually select each and every duplicate photo. How to use Similar Photos Cleaner? Similar Photos Cleaner is a very user-friendly app with easy-to-use options. To use this duplicate photo remover tool, just follow the simple steps given below: Step 1: Add your photos library or folder(s) containing photos to the scan area by using the given buttons or through simple drag and drop option. Step 2: Adjust matching parameters to improve search accuracy or use default settings. Step 3: Click ‘Scan’ button to identify similar photos. Step 4: Review the results and delete duplicate photos from your Mac. Now, you’re done! Similar Photos Cleaner is all you need to recover space by finding similar photos and selfies on your Mac.