Simple Desktops

OS X 10.6
Managing your desktop wallpaper can be a tedious process. You either use the provided few or spend copious time seeking out and downloading new ones. Simple Desktops for Mac, is set to revolutionize desktop wallpaper management. Sit back and enjoy a new simple desktop automatically or change it with just a few quick keystrokes. * Lives in the Menubar Subtle and simple, the entire app lives in the menubar, so there's no need for any fussy management. It shows the latest five desktops and gives attribution to the artists who created them. * Dead Simple Preferences Have Simple Desktops automatically change your desktop every 30 minutes, hour, day or week and ensure that it's always managing your desktop by having it start at login. * Browse with your Keyboard Cycle forward and back through the entire Simple Desktop catalog by simply pressing control-option-command-] or control-option-command-[. Note: We're committed to fixing the issue where the app doesn't set your desktop on multiple monitors in the next release. Thank you for your patience!