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SimpleFurigana is a text editor that will transform how you read and compose Japanese text. Simply start typing, select Japanese text and right-click, or open existing Word documents or webpages, and SimpleFurigana will automatically add Furigana (ruby characters) to annotate Japanese Kanji characters. Studying for the JLPT? Designing a worksheet? SimpleFurigana allows you to filter Furigana to match your level of Kanji knowledge (or that of your students) by Japanese school year or JLPT Level. SimpleFurigana offers all the typographical features you expect from a Mac application and allows you to format your text and the Furigana annotations to your liking. Of course, SimpleFurigana supports both horizontal and vertical layouts. Design and export your documents, worksheets, or beautiful calligraphy as PDF or images. If you are designing webpages, you can export the text with furigana as HTML as well. In addition, SimpleFurigana supports roundtrip editing via PDF (in case you need to make changes after export) and bulk Furigana annotation using AppleScript. SimpleFurigana includes several state state-of-the-art dictionaries for Kanji transliteration, and of course interfaces with your Mac's built-in Japanese dictionary. And if automatic transliteration fails, you can always manually correct Furigana as well. No internet connection is required for transliteration, and none of your data ever leaves your computer.