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Simple Issue Tracker provides indie/solo developers a convenient, simple and efficient tool to organize and manage their product/project related issues, like bugs, features, tasks, name it. * Simple * The easy to use, intuitive and native user interface makes it a snap to manage your projects, milestones, and issues. * Stand-alone * Neither a network connection nor any complicated installations are required. You can simply use S.I.T. "out of the box". * Cost-effective * Unlike many web-based services, there are no price plans or monthly fees. Just purchase and use it. * Organize * Due to the clean GUI and drag-and-drop support, Simple Issue Tracker makes it pretty simple to keep issues organized by projects and milestones. * Customize * By customizing issue types and resolutions, or by using your own templates for issue descriptions, S.I.T. can be easily configured to suit your needs. * Work Log * Easily capture the time spent resolving a particular issue. The overview shows you the total project time, separated by milestone and issue. * Sync * S.I.T. offers convenient, reliable synchronization via Dropbox, for keeping your entire Simple Issue Tracker library in sync across your Macs. - Issues can be easily organized by projects and milestones - Ability to attach files, like crash logs or screen shots - Customizable types, eg. "Bug", "Feature", "Task" etc. - Customizable resolutions, eg. "Fixed", "Not Reproducible"... - Free-form issue descriptions with customizable templates - Single point, flexible app for your development tasks - Visual indication of closed/open issues and priorities - Sort/search/filter the issue list for easy scanning - Everything can be synced easily via Dropbox across your Macs