Simple Photo Layouter

OS X 10.10
This app is for laying out multiple photos into one image file. - You can specify width and height of output image file. - You can specify some layouts, such as 2x3, 3x4 and so on. - Following layout orders are supported. 1. Left from top-right 2. Down from top-right 3. Left from bottom-right 4. Up from bottom-right 5. Right from top-left 6. Down from top-left 7. Right from bottom-left 8. Up from bottom-left - Following margin modes are supported. 1. No Margin 2. Narrow White 3. Medium White 4. Wide White 5. Narrow Black 6. Medium Black 7. Wide Black - Following resize modes are supported. 1. Trim Center 2. Add White Margin 3. Add Black Margin 4. Stretch Image - Support reading JPEG/PNG format. - Output image file is JPEG format.