Simple Screen Timer

OS X 10.9
If you are looking for a FREE SIMPLE TIMER that you can watch at your screen all time, you are in the right place. +++ Why would I want a timer on my screen? It's a perfect way to control and improve your productivity and efficiency. Set up a time to do small tasks before the time is over, or maybe set up a time before you can rest. +++ How do I use Simple Screen Timer? ~~ Set up Timer: - Small changes: Place the cursor over the Timer, and scroll up or down. - Greater changes: Click over the Timer and drag the mouse up and down before releasing the button. ~~ Start Timer: Click over the Timer. ~~ Pause Timer: Click over the Timer running. ~~ Unpause Timer: Click over the Timer paused. ~~ Drag Timer while Running: Right Click over the Timer and drag it to the desired position. ~~ Reset Timer: Left Click over the Timer paused. ~~ Stop Flashing Timer: Click over the Timer. +++ Timer API ~~ URL Scheme Timer:// or SST:// ~~ Available Functions: - setTimer: ["hours"=hours added to the timer] ["minutes"=minutes added to the timer] ["seconds"=seconds added to the timer] ["start"="no" only setup the timer, "yes" start immediately the timer] ~~ Examples: - setTimer: Timer://setTimer?minutes=5&start=yes SST://setTimer?hours=2&minutes=20 +++ How do I request new functionality? Share the app with your friends to keep me updating the app, and send me an email to +++ Please, don't forget to leave a review! +++ +++ Whats new? (v1.1) ~~ Fixed bug where the window wouldn't update properly while using the Timer menu. ~~ Added Fast Timers in the Timer menu: - The Timer menu will display the last 3 different Timers you started in the current session. - The Fast Timer starts immediately after selecting it. - Each Fast Timer has a keyboard shortcut. +++ Whats new? (v1.2) ~~ Now is compatible with Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan. +++ Whats new? (v1.3) ~~ New Timer API: - Open the Timer with a URL. - Setup the timer with a URL call.