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SimpleStats is a simple yet effective utility that sits in the Status Bar and displays Usage information about your Mac. SimpleStats monitors: * Disks usage (I/O rates and indicators) * Network usage (Upload rate/Download rate with History graph) * Memory usage (Percent used/Overall memory) * CPU Activity (Percent used/Cores and threads activity graph) Features: ======= - Monitors Disks usage I/O rates with history - Monitors Network usage with history graph - Monitors CPU usage with bar graph of cores/threads usage - Monitors Memory usage and total memory size - Very high power efficiency (example CPU usage of the App: iMac 0.1% ; Macbook 0.5%) - Choose your monitoring interval setting to minimise CPU usage - Choose the items you want to monitor - Handles independant color schemes for dark and light Menu Bar system preference settings - Many customizable settings from graphs, colors, text alignment to font sizes - Network history samples can be set to adapt your needs - Network interfaces can be filtered to only monitor the ones you choose - Network stats can be automatically reset each month to help you manage your constraints. On reset you will receive a notification with the previous stats. - Status Items menus include history graphs for each monitored items SimpleStats is compatible with all versions of macOS since El Capitan.