Singing Tutor – lite

OS X 10.6
Singing Tutor - lite measuring your voice pitch, and show it visually in real time over the reference melody note. Right now very basic functionality available, so if you like it and want more functions in future, please write positive comment at app store and describe your requested function by support email. I planing to implement most desired functions in the next update which will be released at July 2015. Currently available functionality are: 1. Measuring your voice or instrument pitch, and visually displaying it while singing song. 2. Displaying visually reference notes based on midi (.mid) or karaoke (.kar) or your own singed files (.stf). 3. Playing midi, karaoke or mp3 files in background while performing your voice measurement. 4. Recording your voice into the file (.stf). 5. Export singed voice and background into mp3