Skins Tutorial for Minecraft

OS X 10.9
Step by step skins tutorial guide for the popular game, Minecraft. Our course covers all the subjects that you need to install mods and skins to Minecraft on your MAC OSX computer. Skins Tutorial for Minecraft includes beginner and expert videos. It has also PDF guides with most popular Minecraft skins like; Cristiano Ronaldo, Spider Man, Princess Girl, Robocop and many more. Here is full video content: 1.How to Install Minecraft to Mac OSX 2.How to Install Minecraft Mods 3.How to Install Pixelmon Mod to Minecraft 4.How To Install Skins to Minecraft 5.Changing Minecraft Skin on Mac OSX 6.Make Your Own Minecraft Skin 7.Using Skindex for Making Minecraft Skins 8.Minecraft Statue Building Tutorial You will easily install mods and skins after you finish this course. You can even make your own Minecraft skin. bdf986afd0