Sled Web Builder

OS X 10.12
The Sled philosophy is to create a Website from a collection of customisable components. Just drag and drop, and see the result live. Focus in essentials, forget about the technical considerations. You quickly get a result that makes sense. This is perfect for your prototypes, perfect to showcase your activity, your products… then publish your project and host it on the provider of your choice. No database needed, no imposed service, no ads. Start using Sled for free and move to the SledPlus version (in app purchase), depending on your needs. The generated site is SEO optimized. With SledPlus, you can create other versions of your website in other languages. ** "Créer très facilement un site web" (Create a website very easily) : featured in the April 2018 issue of "Vous et Votre Mac" (French magazine) ** 4 stars review at