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SleepTime is a light-weight app that lives on your menu bar, letting you easily set a timer to put your Mac on sleep automatically after a specified time period you choose. Not only that! With SleepTime, You can also keep your computer awake and prevent sleep for a period of time. ‣ The Sleep Timer You are sleeping watching a YouTube video and you don't want your computer to stay on until morning. Set it to sleep automatically after [X] minutes / hours with the Sleep timer. When 5 minutes are remaining until going into Sleep, SleepTime will show you the time remaining in your menu bar, allowing you to abort the sleep timer, if needed. ‣ SleepTime gives your Mac some caffeine! You are doing a critical task on your computer, you don't want it to Sleep every now and then because of the default power/energy settings. Prevent it from sleeping for a period of time you choose, after which your default Sleep preference should be back to normal. Get SleepTime for free today!