Slide Quest: Match The Snacks

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Slide Quest: Match The Snacks is a beautifully designed, challenging and unique puzzle game. Seven different game challenges, over 500 levels and awesome gameplay. You will be entertained and challenged for hours. Match snacks of same type/color by sliding entire rows or columns of snacks. There are seven different game modes to challenge you. Each game mode requires you to think slightly differently about your next move! - Reach total number of snacks (here you have to crush certain number of snacks) - Reach number of points (collect enough points to complete this level) - Save the pies (guide the pies to the bottom of the board) - Remove the napkins (pop napkins behind snacks) - 1-2-3 (remove numbered snacks in sequence) - Crush required number of snacks of certain color - Long chains (remove required number of snacks with one move) Each level can be either time limited or you will have a limited number of moves to reach your goal! Slide Quest: Match The Snacks gameplay is extremely smooth, natural and anyone will be able to pick it up right away. You will love the unique gameplay, tons of levels and gorgeous graphics