Slot Machine Maker

OS X 10.9.0
Have fun and make money : - Creating great slot machine - Classic and poker style - Set slot machine payment values - Popular advertising provider integrated Can export to platforms: (Export is In-App Purchase feature) - (Selling) Popular OS .apk file already signed - (Whit advertising) Popular OS .apk file already signed and integrated advertising. - (Selling) GRADLE project - (Whit advertising) GRADLE project, integrated advertising. - (Selling) Ready to publish xCode project - (With advertising!) Ready to publish xCode project, integrated advertising (AdMob provider) - (Selling) MAC OSX .app file - (Selling) Popular OS .exe file - 3 Slot Machine type: 1) Classic 2) Penguin Images 3) Poker (Poker logic included) Fun game play, Player vs Casino, who first runs out of money? First time slots machine basic creation phases easy! : 1) Create slot machine 2) Add your slot images items or add them random automatically. 3) Assign values on pay table. 4) Save Slot Machine 5) Play Game Maker Casino Slot Machine use like real slots reels(20 faces) Some features - Drag & Drop Scroll View system(reusable) - Classic Slot Game - Penguin Slot Game - Poker Slot Game - Physic reel 20 faces - Realistic behaviour - Stop spinning (Classic & Poker) - Keep cards(Poker) - Realistic sounds - Game play, Player vs Casino