Slots! Diamond Strike

OS X 10.6.6
The number 1 casino slot machine. It doesn't get more real than this! Play for Free forever!! Free Credits every day. Features amazing graphics and sounds. Plenty of new and unique bonus features, including Jewel Train, Kockouts and Pickawin. Bet up to 20 lines or play the amazing Diamond Strike 6th reel for really BIG prizes. All wins can be gambled on a true odds multiplier card gamble. Win one of 4 live progressive pots! Features of Slots! Diamond Strike Realtime 3d graphics Gamble all wins Auto Play Pick a Box, Jewel Strike, Pick a win & Knockouts Free games feature. Local High-score table Slots! Diamond Strike is a slot simulator for entertainment and fun only. It is free to play every day or you can choose to buy additional coins in game.