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Sluggard: Healthy Break

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Sluggard is a powerful fitness app for Mac aimed to fight "sitting disease". Get instant reminders during the day and perform simple exercises to reduce the risks of sedentary lifestyle. SIT LESS We've built Sluggard to prompt users to move after a period of sitting. GET ACTIVE Sluggard will challenge you to perform a random exercises from the predefined list. BECOME HEALTHIER AND STRONGER After a few weeks of using Sluggard you will feel much better. TRACK PROGRESS Pretty soon you will notice that you are able to perform more and more reps in a set. Maybe it's time to move your fitness level to the right? DEVELOP COMMITMENT Train your muscles by consistently performing exercises day by day, week by week. That consistency will improve your character. FEATURES HIGHLIGHT ◆ Configurable list of exercises. You don't like crunches? Just remove them from the list. ◆ Custom activities. ◆ Precisely calculated load according to your age, gender and fitness level. ◆ Verbose history for tracking your progress. ◆ Configurable period of time between exercises.