Smart Guide - Screen Guide

OS X 10.10
Smart Guide is an app that can place multiple guide lines on your screen to help item alignments. It can be customized in color, opacity, thickness and switching horizontal / vertical. It can optionally show a handle that display position and makes dragging easily. Key features: • Change thickness easily with Mouse Wheel or '[', ']' Bracket Keys • Fast switching between horizontal and vertical by Space Key or double click • Keyboards Support for Accurate Moving with (Arrows / 'W','A','S','D' / Shift Keys) • Remove All Vertical or Horizontal or Show/Hide Separately by menu access • Guide's appearance can be set separated with right click menu • Guide's settings saved on exit • Anchor (0, 0) positioning on 4 corners • Resides in menu bar for quick access • Works on multiple monitors • Floating on screen • Easy to use, simple and fast • Launch on start