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Welcome to the smartest easy-to-use screen recorder on the App Store! Just point Smart Recorder at the movie window and our 'Smart Record' option captures your movies like magic! Using our celebrated motion detection features, Smart Recorder knows when the movie starts, automatically snaps the Capture Canvas to the movie's boundaries and starts recording. When your movie finishes, Smart Recorder automatically completes the recording for you. No need to sit and fuss over your recordings! If you want more control Smart Recorder includes four other modes for you to use: * Click n Snap - automatic movie detection, manual recording * Region recording - you define the recording region by positioning the Capture Canvas. * Window recording - choose the window and Smart Recorder captures it. * Screen recording - records the entire screen. Smart Recorder is capable of recording high-quality system audio in all of its capture modes. Smart Recorder is also perfect for capturing screen activity for software demonstrations and Keynote/Powerpoint presentations. Once you've recorded your movie, Smart Recorder lets you: * play the movie in Quicktime * add the movie to iTunes * trim your movie * display movie info * show your movie in Finder and delete it if necessary