Smarty in Santa’s village (6-8)

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The most Smarty’s new adventure in Santa’s village will keep you company at Christmas and all year long! It is an advanced educational software product for children aged 6-8, which successfully combines learning and recreation through a rich interactive environment. This program helps children to become familiar with the subjects of the 1st and 2nd classes of Primary school in both an original and entertaining way. It also promotes psycho-motor development with games based on logic, memory observation and creativity •mathematical operations •vocabulary development with compound words •exercises in written language •object correlation •decoration of the Christmas room •picture differentiation •identification of objects unrelated to a picture •picture composition •pairs matching Smarty invites you to visit Santa’s house, decorate the Christmas room and discover the secret of the attic. Of course, no one will want to miss out on a visit to Santa’s fantastic toy shop, the wonderful bookshop or the post office to make cheery cards for loved ones. In the restaurant you will decorate the holiday table. But watch out! Mischievous elves might spoil the holiday… Santa’s snow-covered village is full of games and surprises!!!