OS X 10.8
The SmootForecastApp OS X application provides easy to use time series forecasting capabilities. While sophisticated algorithms are used under the hood to provide forecasts, the user interface is intended to be simple so non-experts can access the capabilities. Some of the features provided are: - Time series input can be from an existing text file or entered one line at a time by hand. The results can then be saved into a text file. - Basic defaults so a forecast can be generated immediately. Help is provided with several complete examples with accompanying screen shots. - Outlier filtering is provided with the ability to change the outlier filter window (which usually is some multiple of any seasonal cycle). But a general default window value is provided. - Seasonal cycle can be specified or automatically generated if there is a detectable seasonal cycle. - The most common trends are supported; linear and damped. - An existing most recent portion of the time series can be held back and the remaining series used to generate a forecast for that period to see the effectiveness the current settings. - Results are graphed in a simple display. - Each aspect of the forecast process can be printed; from series input to series graph. It is up to the user to select which aspects are printed or which can be saved into PDF documents (if any).