Snake Rampage – Snake Simulator

OS X 10.6.6
Snake Rampage is a snake simulator game for all ages Begin your snake simulation in an amazing realistic village populated by loads of snake prey to hunt such as rats, spiders and cockroaches! Move your reptile through a beautiful 3d world where you will encounter many strange and exotic animals. Slither into houses looking for food, but hurry up as your health is depleting quickly and only more hunting will allow you to survive. Features* Great Snake Simulator - Keep your energy up by hunting and eating your prey * DANGER - Use your snakes bite to kill and eat animals * BEAUTIFUL 3D World - Travel around streets of the village and even enter houses * Easy to use controls - Use the touch screen to control your snake * ADVENTURE - Use your reptiles poisonous fangs to hunt down rats, chickens, spiders, pigs and much more prey! if you love animal simulator games then you should Download Snake Rampage - Snake Simulator now!