Snappy Messenger for Facebook

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Chat with your Facebook friends Via Messenger on your Mac. Snappy Messenger for Facebook lets you have the experience of Messenger on your Mac and helps you chat with your Facebook friends right away. It provides a minimal interface from where you get the entire list of Facebook friends according to the chat history and chat interface beside that. Using Snappy Messenger for Facebook has its own perks and usefulness. Get Notification each time you get a new message in the Notification Center along with the image of that person. One can also quickly chat from the Status Menu Bar and explore other conversations. Its fast, easy and simple. App Highlights: - Complete Messenger App with useful features - Open at login - Control app opacity - Open app from Status Menu Bar. - Hide Dock icon - Open Multiple windows to chat simultaneously with different people - Set up Hot Key to open app faster. Always stay in touch with your loved ones using MessengerApp for Facebook on your Mac. Download it today and never leave a message unanswered.