Snapshot Pro – Capture & Edit Screenshot

OS X 10.7
This app lives on your status bar, please check the right part of the menu bar.When you click the green check mark button,the snapshot will be in clipboard,please press "Command"+"V" to paste into whatever you want. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snapshot Pro is an app to capture screen, it allows you to capture full screen or screen area images with minimal effort. This program is designed for technical writers, Web designers, or any professional who needs to capture screens and graphics to integrate into documentation, presentations, or training tools. With this little app you can capture the active window or custom areas. Drag to zoom in/out the screen shot; add labels, texts and handwriting contents of your choice and save it to your device or the clipboard. Features: 1)Auto-identify windows: This app can identify windows open automatically. 2)Editable tags: Add tags (rectangle, ellipse and arrow) and texts; and draw with handwriting brushes. You can change the location, size and color. 3)Save to disk or clipboard. 4)Capture window to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF image.