Snaz Photo Editor

OS X 10.8
50% OFF SALE FOR NEW YEARS! Snaz Photo Editor brings professional photo editing to the rest of us. Easy to use, Snaz lets you easily turn your image into a painting, faded photo or a black and white masterpiece. Includes dozens of professionally designed and unique photo filters plus the ability for you to fine tune your creations by adjusting color, lighting, hue, tint and more or add a vignette or frame. One picture, endless possibilities. CREATE ARTISTIC MASTERPIECES: > Turn your image into an oil paining > Create a sketch/watercolor > Convert your image into a Blue Period Masterpiece > Or make it look like a Van Gogh or Impressionist painting BLACK AND WHITE: Snaz comes with an array of black and white preset filters that make your image look great. With multiple filters available and the ability to fine tune exposure, sharpness, brightness and contrast you will be able to create stunning black and white photos in minutes. COLOR: Snaz comes with an array of color and monochrome filters to make your image look old, faded, vibrant or monochrome in unique colors. Adjust Hue, Saturation, Red, Green, and Blue to make your creation absolutely unique. Snaz also offers a color inversion filter. Photo FX: Snaz lets you blur your image, turn it into a "glass sphere" or pixellate. VIGNETTE: Add a vignette effect to your image to make it special. FRAMES: Snaz comes with a set of preloaded frames to fit around the edge of your image. OVERLAYS/PAPER: Add an overlay to your image with many to choose from leading to unlimited possibilities. Overlays include light leaks, paper and other effects. CUSTOMIZATION: The best thing about Snaz is its easy to use so you don't need a good understanding of photography to get great results. Its photo editing for the rest of us. Snaz also includes these ways to fine tune your image: Lighting: - Exposure - Brightness - Contrast - Sharpen - Highlights and Shadows Color Adjustment: - Temperature - Tint - Red, Green, and Blue - Saturation - Hue 1cceb68298