Solitaire Freecell - card game

OS X 10.6.6
You already are a Solitaire Klondike and Spider Solitaire expert? Then, rediscover the classical card game FreeCell Solitaire in the new modern mobile pocket version! Many features are there to make your gaming experience more unique: A featured quick tutorial and simple rules will help you learn how to play Colourful and inviting themes Live-statistics option integrated in the game A “Hint” button to help you out if you get stuck If you made a mistake don’t worry – you can always go back one step For some incentive you can choose to see the number of moves made and a timer at all times Choose between portray or landscape orientation This deluxe card game of FreeCell has the same basic rules as the classical FreeCell: You have 52 cards in 8 cascades face-up, 4 open cells and 4 foundations. Your job is to arrange the cards in an increasing order in the respective foundation (one for each suit: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs) from Ace to King, by moving the top card of each cascade, creating the tableaus of cards in a decreasing order and moving them to free cells. You can also access the following statistics: Games Won (in number and %) Total time spent on the game Minimum number of moves Average time and moves per victory Longest victory streak Score record Time record So what are you waiting for? Download the FREE card game Freecell Solitaire Deluxe and rock the cards!