Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2

OS X 10.7
Welcome to Victorian England! You have the unique opportunity to dive into a magical atmosphere of love and romance in Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2. Watch a relationship grow in the Victorian era: where and how the first date took place, how they lived and what their customs were, what the ladies and gentlemen wore. Dive into an atmosphere of enchanting dances at a wedding ball in Britain in the high society of the lords of London. Explore a legendary time with 120 solitaire card deals! Fans of traditional card deals, perfect match, spider solitaire and fans of unusual solitaire styles are sure to love this game. Enjoy premium-quality graphics, colorful levels and classical music and rest and relax in the most romantic period of history! - Increase your endurance and finish every layout! - Solitaire card game – collect chains of cards! - Exciting levels that are sure to hold your interest! - Vivid graphics on each level! - Get rid of cards faster with jokers, and increase the combo multiplier to earn more coins! - Remove cards faster to increase your combo multiplier and get more coins! - For daring players – special tasks and over 15 colorful trophies! - Original themed decks and 12 card back styles! - Hours of fun guaranteed!