Solitaire Whizz

OS X 10.7
THIRTY-TWO GAMES IN ONE! The ultimate comprehensive, great value solitaire collection for macOS: 32 addictive solitaire/patience card games in one a single app! No hidden extra purchases! For ONE single purchase, get ALL games, including Free Cell, Klondike or "classic" solitaire, Pyramid 13, Poker Solitaire, Yukon, Spider, Golf, Russian Solitaire and a host of other games! All with in-game AI, high-quality retina graphics, turn tips, auto-complete, scrolling/zooming, sound effects/animation... Full list of games currently included: Agnes Baker's Dozen Baker's Game (2 variants) Beleaguered Castle Calculation (2 variants) Canfield Fourteens ("Take Fourteen") Free Cell (3 variants) Golf Klondike ("Classic Patience", "Solitaire Classic", "Demon Patience") Monte Carlo (2 variants) Napoleon at St Helena Nestor Odd & Even Osmosis Peek Poker Solitaire Pyramid 13 Russian Solitaire Scorpion Simple Simon Spider Spiderette Streets & Alleys Yukon Whitehead Windmill For beginners, the popular games Klondike, FreeCell and Pyramid 13 are recommended. For a quick, easy games, try Fourteens. Spider and Spiderette provide more of a challenge for advanced players. Look out for new games with future app updates. General gameplay: In general, games are played by click on the card that you wish to move, followed by the destination (either an empty pile or an existing pile or sequence of cards). In various games, the goal is to gradually build cards on to 'foundation' piles, typically in ascending order with one foundation per suit. Typically, a game will also include a 'tableau' of piles used to organize the cards before they are played on to the foundations. In a few games, the goal is to discard pairs of cards according to a particular rule. To see specific details of the rules and aim of a given game, on-screen instructions are provided: simply press the '?' button to the right of the screen. In most games, you can also press the 'Hint' (light bulb) button to get a turn suggestion at any point during play. Redeals Some games allow 'redeals'. If available, the redeal icon in the top right of the screen will be available. Depending on the game, a redeal will typically of re-shuffling and re-dealing the 'stock' of cards, or dealing extra cards on to the tableau. Please consult the rules for the individual game in question for more details of the availability and function of redeals. Support & Feedback For further information about Solitaire Whizz, or to report a potential problem, please got to