Soliton SecureBrowser Pro

OS X 10.8
"Soliton SecureBrowser Pro(SSBP)" is the web browser with several strong security features. It secures connectivity to your corporate web-based applications via "Soliton SecureGateway(SSG)" with preventing leakage of sensitive corporate data. "Soliton SecureBrowser Pro" is the next-generation product of "Soliton SecureBrowser". * Features: - Consolidated access to Enterprise web-based system Soliton SecureGateway is required to use Soliton SecureBrowser Pro. This feature enables the consolidated access to Enterprise web-based system for IT-GRC. - Preventing information leakage Save/Copy/Send the viewed data by Soliton SecureBrowser Pro is prohibited (Saving data is disabled by default, but it can be enabled by policy control if IT manager allows it.). Users can access to your corporate web-based applications with using Soliton SecureBrowser Pro/Soliton SecureGateway, but viewed info cannot be pulled out to outside of Soliton SecureBrowser Pro. - Clearing cache Cached web pages data is cleared when Soliton SecureBrowser Pro log-out from Soliton SecureGateway. - Secured connection Connection between Soliton SecureBrowser Pro and Soliton SecureGateway is encrypted and secured. - Strong authentication Digital Certificate can be used for Soliton SecureGateway login authentication. Unauthorized Device/User access will be blocked. - Tab-browsing Tab-browsing is supported. You can open multiple tabs at the same time. - Bookmark distribution IT manager can distribute common bookmarks to Soliton SecureBrowser Pro when it connects with Soliton SecureGateway. - Policy control IT manager can control the detailed behavior of Soliton SecureBrowser Pro (e.g. Cache Timeout, File download control …etc.) * Requirements: - Mac OS X device running 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12 for Soliton SecureBrowser Pro - Soliton SecureGateway For details please visit Soliton SecureBrowser Pro/Soliton SecureGateway website: By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at: