Songtree Music Maker – Sing, Jam & Record

OS X 10.7
Record your music with a complete multitrack recorder. Add effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Echo and more. Play, sing or rap over existing backing tracks of cover or original songs, or start a new song from scratch. Wether you like pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, jazz or blues you can easily find great base tracks to sing, rap or play along with. Record and mix your song to sound like a star! Share on our dedicated community of musicians and let the world discover your talent: • find a track you like and sing or play your instrument over it • other users will later listen, like and comment on your track, and if it's good someone will surely record on top of it • totally FREE "Best new app for musicians" for Synthopia, Discchord, MusicRadar, Fact Magazine, Hispasonic, UnoCero, PalmSounds and User reviews: "What a wonderful way to collaborate creatively!" The app includes everything you need to make music - no other recording software is required. The app features: • High quality audio effects including Echo, Reverb, Compression, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tube Amp • Complete editing tool • Record using your device built-in mic or external adapter • Built-in metronome • Volume, pan and effects parameters envelopes editing Use Songtree Recorder to create songs with other musicians: • Start a recording session that others can join, or • Contribute to other people’s songs: download a track another user has posted and use it as base track, jam on it and post the result back online. As new tracks are posted a ‘tree’ of songs gradually grows, with each branch a new track added to the song • Share your work to Facebook and Twitter or invite other music creators to join your recording • If you find a talented musician or singer, give them a like or a comment and join them with your instrument If you have problems, comments or suggestions please contact us at Your feedback is helping us to improve the app. Songtree - Music collaboration made easy