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SoundDesk 4 is the easiest way to turn your Mac into a professional mixing desk! SoundDesk, can be used by audio professionals to mix on the fly, by musicians to record a rehearsal, and anything else that involves mixing or routing digital audio. ROUTING All channels can receive any real input and send to any real output, master section or auxiliary. Making the routing possibilities of SoundDesk only limited by your hardware. Channels can be either mono, stereo or auxiliary receivers, and you can switch between options at any time. MIXING Up to 60x2 input paths, 63x2 output paths and 12 Aux sends per channel (pre or post fader). Each channel is equipped with a DC blocker, a noise or wave generator and a delay unit. The user can assign names and colours to individual channels. Built-in PPM meters on all channels and master section. INSERTS SoundDesk has up to 8 Audio Units slots on every channel and up to 12 on the master section, so you can use your favourite plugins. Furthermore, SoundDesk includes 9 built-in processing and metering inserts, that take advantage of the cDSP Engine. cDSP INSERTS INCLUDED • Compressor • Gate • Graphic EQ • Parametric EQ • Reverb • Mid-Side Encoder / Decoder • RMS and Peak Meter • Spectrograph • Goniometer AUDIO RECORDING SoundDesk 4 can record in multitrack mode (pre or post processing) and in master section mode (pre or post processing). Recordings can be exported as: AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, CAF, Sound Designer II, NeXT/Sun and Sound Forge W64 Audio Files (Linear PCM). MIDI CONTROL SoundDesk can communicate with the Mackie Control Protocol, HUI Control Protocol and standard CC devices. The CC mode includes a simple MIDI mapping system designed to ease communications between your devices and SoundDesk.