Spacetime Graphs

OS X 10.7
Introducing Spacetime Graphs Spacetime Graphs is an advanced, scientific and powerful simulator of the curvatures of spacetime, a concept developed and described by Albert Einstein in the general theory of relativity. Spacetime Graphs is a powerful model capable of generating the theoretical curvatures of space around massive objects, like planets, stars and black holes. Using the advanced physics and mathematics of general relativity such as metric tensors, differential equations and Einstein Field Equations, Spacetime Graphs provides a fantastic view of the advanced concepts of space in 3D. Features include: * 3D Detailed spacetime graphs and embedding diagrams * Model for freely rotating objects in 3D and zooming * 3 different types of objects to choose from: Planets, Black Holes and Wormholes * Preloaded 8 planets, the Sun, 1 theoretical Black Hole and 1 theoretical Wormhole * Ability to add new custom objects to the database and graph their space curvature graphs * Extra global zoom mechanism * Outlined or detailed spacetime graphing option * And more... Enjoy the application and send any bug reports or suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated!